Where Four Of Our Editors Spent Their Time Last Week

High School Magazine is full of creative, ambitious and determined young people. From our writers to our photographers, designers, and content creators, these ones, mostly teens, are forward-thinking and almost always on the run to grab the next opportunity available to us.

During the last week of October 2020, four of our editors spent their time at various programs and events to enrich their careers and push forward their ambitions.

Lorraine, Enoch & Catherine attended the five-day Artitude 2020 organised by Art Life Matters, a non-profit entity that seeks to promote the study of art among young people. Catherine hosted the Artitude radio station throughout from Monday to Saturday.

It was a nice experience. Learnt a lot of new values and I also got the chance to co-host on the Artitude radio?

– Catherine
Enoch(in red)

Cynthia spent her week at JA the finals of the Swiss Re Startup Academy Cohort 4 after a weeklong of engaging participants through entrepreneurship training, learnings and mentorship from seasoned experts and professionals globally! Participants demonstrated an understanding of the business environment, the market demand, their business financials, etc during the pitch competition. Out of six teams formed among thirty(30) participants, Farm Hand, McChicken and Guinea Hub emerged winners, first place and second place respectively. Congrats to Cynthia for being among the winning team, it was truly a great show of remarkable excellence, positive entrepreneurial spirits and great potential!

We congratulate these editors and sincerely believe whatever impact these events had on them will be felt by all at the editorial team.