To Catch A Butterfly – Chapter 5

– Enoch Nyamson

        Dickson, however thought about something vital of his life. “Woman and their deceitful ways and they always seek things of benefit for their selfish ambition and whole a lot of unnecessary demands”, he puzzled to himself.

I don’t think something better will be earned from getting into a relationship with African ladies which they claim that “they are the pride of nature”. Hmmmm…….Indeed as for intelligence, Queen Sheba is here to crown you Solomon; Akua who has been Dickson’s finest female friend in London replied him as she overheard him about his decision made by himself.

“What you are saying right here is the vivid truth about women and women can be very stubborn, jealous and selfish to the extent that the devil himself can applaud us of our actions”, Akua said to Dickson as she second the motive of Dickson.

He gave her worried smile and welcomed her into his room. Akua was really interested to know what was worrying her friend to the level of condemning all women and forgotten his mother is woman. She tried her best to convince him to speak out but Dickson glued his lips and he didn’t any allow any word to escape. Akua got fed up and went away from him because he ignored her but the truth was that Dickson wasn’t bothered about Akua leaving his apartment but it was a blessing in disguise and he was happy that he was able to keep mute.  Dickson advised himself not to sell his problems to anyone again since it may cost him his reputation built.

          After few years, Dickson resigned his position as a manager with the reason that it was time for him to re-arrange his life again since every mistake is a lesson to him. He successfully resigned and he left London to Spain with the mindset of starting a family with the enough funds, he had in this possession. The company gave out a brand new car and three bedroom building apartment and also a huge sum of money as a reward for his good work done. Based on this, he decided to move to Spain start a new Spanish life.

          In Spain, he met a Nigeria lady but based in Spain at a shopping mall on one sunny day. Bella Caste was so beautiful like an angel sent from heaven. She was one of the elegant models in Spain. Bella Caste spoke to Dickson for the first time at one of her shows but Dickson with this Bella at their sight.

Confused Dickson hurriedly phoned Martina to discuss this feelings of his. Martina mocked him saying “small boys are young indeed”; she warned him about his silly feelings. Martina been a living witness to his sufferings advised him not to go further to propose to her because of her so called title “Model”.  Dickson fell in a dilemma whether to listen to his heart or Martina. Bella invited him a dinner but he refused to attend to her invite since he was to adhere to the advice of Martina. For some weeks, Dickson continued to avoid Bella but her memories was all over his mind which of course which he ask Martina for advice. This time Martina realized Dickson is in love the Bella but also thought what if Bella is not the butterfly awaiting him. Dickson gave Martina some days to think of a plan which can remedy his problem but Martina protested against his mindset and told him to rather go and think of something better for himself.  So the next morning, Dickson phone Martina to ask for her and she told him “responsible men take bold decisions”. Dickson took a bold decision to avoid ladies at all cost and he also decided that before he will get into relationship, he will check the moral life of that person. Meanwhile, in Ghana Martina had series of marital understandings with her husband. She gets pissed off when her husband comes home very late in the night. Since Martina didn’t want Dickson to have known what was happening, she lied to him to convince not ask about her martial issues. Martina was trying to settle things but her marriage broke away. Mr. Ofosu divorced Martina but she still kept it to herself. Martina then told Aunty Nurse about how she was not feeling comfortable to marry Dr. Ofosu. Aunty Nurse spoke about what she was supposed to do at the moment her husband uttered for a divorce but is too late for Martina to reconsider her thought. Dickson called Martina on phone to find out how life is treating her and the entire family but unfortunately for Martina took the phone from her and revealed the secret to him. Dickson got disappointed since Martina decided to hide such an important thing from him.

Dickson then, took upon himself to return back to Ghana so that will get to know what really brought about the divorce between his childhood and her husband. Aunty Nurse, who was so passionate about Martina’s story told Dickson to return to Ghana and help his friend whom things had turned against her in her marriage.  Dickson prepared to leave Spain and return to Ghana the next few weeks that was approaching him. Dickson phoned Ofosu to ask him about Martina and to his amazement, Ofosu pretended as if nothing has happened between him and Martina. Dickson’s jaw dropped when he heard that from Ofosu which the biggest lie was told in his entire life. He concluded that Martina was right to divorce him because Ofosu is just a time waster and a liar too.

Dickson fled to Ghana to get things in their rightful place to make lives simple for Martina and the entire family. Dickson went to Mr. Ofosu to have a face to face discuss with him but he didn’t even bother to acknowledge his presence in his house. Dickson purposed not to be moved by what he will react towards him. Dickson asked him about what was going on between Martina and told him not to lie to him this time.

Mr. Ofosu was not ready to talk to him which made Dickson angry and he acted badly to him and even launched a punch on his face. This fight became so serious which required separation.  Dickson realized that Mr. Ofosu was not ready to listen to his words. So he kindly left him a summoned all the family of both Mr. Ofosu and Martina to settle once and for all. He boldly spoke against the Ofosu and told all the family members that he will be caring take of the child since he didn’t want Martina to worry at anything. Three days later; he prepared to go back to Spain.  He bought every items that they will need at home when they get in Spain. Dickson took it upon himself to make the children feel that of happiness in them. He took the children of Martina.  And took care of them before anything. Martina was so happy since she lost hope in her life. Dickson assured Martina to give take good care their children.