They say “sweet sixteen”, I say, beyond physical maturity.

Sixteen, the sweetest age in every teens life. That’s what most teens think . Lots of dreams, lots of expectations, lots of aims. I will do this at age Sixteen, I will do that at age Sixteen, at the age of Sixteen I would have accomplished this or that.

But as you take the pace; each bringing you closer to your imagination, you realize how shallow your thinking was. The uneasiness and struggles of the world hits you right in the face. You face the reality; “the battle ground”.

A gold first year student who just ended her first semester but can only brag about completing three out of the seven topics needed to be treated in Core Mathematics. I guess most of my colleagues can relate. Everything seems blurry.

But I seek to view the glass half full than half empty. This day encourages me to work harder and strive to attain the goal. So I tell you out there DO NOT BE PRESSURED in a negative way. Also, DO NOT BE COMPLACENT. Rather, make value of every opportunity and trust the process. Remember we are what we are due to what we were in the past. Wise up and plan for the future.

In all these do not forget your God or better still the Supreme Being In whom we all keep our trust to succeed.

They “say sweet sixteen”, I say, beyond physical maturity.

– Catheril Essel Otabil