Story: To Catch A Butterfly – Chapter 4

– Enoch Nyamson

Dickson was so grateful for what Martina did for him during his bad health, not leaving out his wonderful grandmother, Aunty Nurse, whom he dearly loved deeply in his heart. He decided to stay with folks for a while before he goes back to London. Martina was happy to hear that Dickson was going to stay with them for the next three weeks which was a surprise to all his friends and family. Many of his friends paid him a visit including his old school friend, Samuel, who was normally called Mr. Rich by his friends during their stay in the senior high school. Countless scenes which were remarkable began to drop into Dickson’s mind which made him laugh so loud in his room. He began to have a lot of flashbacks on events that took place when he was in senior high school.

While Martina always did what she was supposed to do to keep Dickson fit and strong till he got full recovery from his illness, as usual of him, he attended to his health treatment on regular basis.

          As time went by, Dickson was totally free from his health disorders and he needed to go back to London to resume his work since he left before his critical condition approached.

The day before he left to London, he boldly told Martina about the immediate cause of his sudden sickness which nearly threw him into the pit of death. Martina was amazed about what she heard because Dickson promised to make the right decision concerning his relationship but it seemed he didn’t fulfil his promise. Dickson genuinely apologized to her for his disobedience. This time around, he was passionate and careful about the words which would come out of his mouth as a promise as far as Martina was concerned at that moment.

          Dickson was escorted to the airport where they shed tears together again for the second time before he took his flight to London. After long hours through the journey, he arrived safely at his destination. He quickly went to his workplace to check how far the company had been faring since he had left them for the past six months and over. Indeed, Dickson had the shock of his life when he found out the person who had been made interim C.E.O when he was away. All the funds Dickson had saved for the company had been totally spent lavishly by the board members together with their interim Manager. Dickson deliberately laid off all the board members who were corrupt from the company after his return. Some of the employees were so happy to receive their best C.E.O. and they rejoiced over his return. He took a plan of raising the productivity of the company with the little funds gathered for active production. He summoned all this partners for a meeting to take the needed action on how the company would produce more to make up for its losses. Dickson became very restless about his business to see the company rise to its peak of excellence. After some few months, his vision became a reality. The company came back to its former state and even doubled in revenue.

          On a cool afternoon, as Dickson was going for his lunch at the restaurant, he met Lydia Frimpong who was his course mate at the University. They were so happy to see each other again after a decade. They had a good time together. Since both realized they were within the same neighborhood, Dickson took her to her apartment and right on the spot, they exchanged contacts before Dickson drove off to his house.

The next morning, Lydia phoned to check on him but Dickson knew his story so he was very careful on how to relate to ladies. Lydia and Dickson became very good friends and got so close to each other to the extent that even air could not pass between them.

Dickson subsequently employed Lydia as a secretary in his company. Even though some of the workers weren’t satisfied with his action, he acted according to his own delight. Dickson employing Lydia became a topic for discussion in the entire company, but the rumors didn’t bother him. Dickson continued to offer his best help to Lydia anytime she needed it. Lydia gradually couldn’t resist the feelings she had for her friend. She fell in love with Dickson so much that she could deeply look into his eyes and imagine herself having a romantic moment with her dream lover. She thought Dickson was in love with her but the truth was that he hadn’t dreamt of falling in love with any lady because of what he had gone through. He had learnt a big lesson from what he went through  but he thought it wise not to tell Lydia about his love matters.

          Lydia who was in love with Dickson was so concerned about her coming more and more closer to him every day.

Dickson got fed up with the situation and decided to move from his apartment to a different one but his plan failed so he had to endure the harassment till the appointed time.

Dickson really stood firm on his decision not to fall prey to the deceitful traps of ladies who came his way.

He sometimes rejected gifts from her and even if he took the gifts, he willingly gave them out to the poor and his friends.

He discovered the feelings Lydia had for him but he wanted to be free from all stress and unnecessary emotional trauma which would end up bringing more harmful diseases. He still remembered his first bout of heart issues.

Lydia kept on pushing and pushing but Dickson did his best to ignore her. That evening, Dickson thought of a plan which would actually be a panacea to the situation at hand.

His plan was to link his best friend, Samuel, to Lydia since he was also single and needed someone to be with as a life partner.  The next morning, Dickson intentionally phoned Lydia to meet him at a certain restaurant where they could sit and make more time to chat and have a lot of fun. Immediately after that he called Samuel to inform him about the new chick he had finally found for him and Dickson told him to quickly rush to meet his new lover at the restaurant and then have fun with her. Dickson’s plan knew no defeat and also Samuel really played his cards so well that Lydia had to choose him over Dickson.  Samuel was a merlin to Dickson because he really cast a love charm on Lydia through his words and this gave Dickson enough room to away from Lydia.