Story: To Catch A Butterfly – Chapter 2

– Enoch Ato Nyamson

            Everything went on according to plan during the blessing of the holy matrimony of Mr. Samuel Ofosu and Mrs.  Martina Ofosu, the latest couple in town. Dickson was so happy for Martina that fateful day since she didn’t leave him out of this remarkable event. Dickson had to rush back to Germany to attend to his daily activities as he promised his employer.  He flew back to Germany on a Monday morning leaving the whole family in tears of joy since they were not going to see him again.  Martina had a flashback on how Dickson danced on her wedding day and a wide smile appeared on her face which was very unusual of her in her entire life.  Dr. Ofosu, Martina’s spouse, went around to thank persons who made it to their wedding and also blessed the church with some money for their support and love.

Dickson, after arriving peacefully at Germany, phoned Martina to inform her about his arrival and how tiring the journey had been for him. They had a good chat but because of time difference, Dickson ended the call and went to have a sleep since it was already late in Germany. He woke up very early to get prepared for work. After he was done with what he wanted to do for the day, he drove off to his workplace and immediately he entered his office, he saw his colleagues smiling and congratulating him for being the pillar of the company since he joined them. The General Manager of the company brought him his promotion letter because after going through the records of the company, he was found to be the most hardworking employee of the year.   He was taken aback to discover he was also vital to a certain group of people in a foreign land. “Many people have done better than me so why have I been  selected as the best employee of the year and also promoted to the high office of the General Manager which was indeed a respected position to occupy and of course the position was only meant for the white men in the company”, he quizzed himself.  Dickson was so happy to hear this good news that he would be working with the General Manager, Mr. Paulo Demark, the stingy white man as the blacks including Dickson himself described him. He was very careful of how to relate with his white master since Mr. Paulo Demark was a quick tempered sort of person and can issue one’s dismissal from the company anytime he wanted to do so without seeking views from anyone. Nobody was able to work with him for more than two months because of the negative aura he carried around himself all the time in the company. Dickson, after observing his white master, found a way to cope with his personality. Dickson did everything perfectly without being asked to do so by Mr. Demark. Records of projects, contracts and funds were all carefully kept by Dickson.

Dickson was given the mandate to employ people into the company. Owing to this, he was able to employ more fellow blacks to work with the company.  The Society of Blacks in Germany cherished young Dickson so much since he had helped many of their folks to gain employment for better living. Dickson won the heart of his secret admirer Dede Nakie who had the traits of the Ga clan but had lived in Germany from her childhood. Dede had fallen in love with Dickson but she was a bit shy to talk to him.

One day, she gathered courage and approached him for the first time. The truth was that Dickson had realized that the lady was interested in him but because of what he went through, he decided to ignore Dede. Each day, Dede could call him about fifteen times in a row and Dickson got fed up with answering her calls every day.


He decided to surprise her on her birthday which was two days ahead. He phoned her with the motive of, at least, giving her the attention she needed and nothing less. During their chat on phone, Dede boldly told him she was in love with him which Dickson found inappropriate at that moment but who was he to scold her since he respected the feelings of others, both females and males. He patiently waited for her to pour her heart out and told her that he would think about all she had said just to give her some measure of hope. Dickson was totally at sea and he didn’t know what do to do about the issue. Martina was not around to advise him so he had to decide all by himself. It was either he turned her down to hurt her feelings or responded in the affirmative to start the ball of a mind game relationship rolling. He was simply not interested in her.

On her birthday, Dickson agreed to start a relationship with her and surprised her with a birthday Range Rover Vehicle which threw all persons present at that time into a jaw dropping moment. Happiness became the ruler of the day for these new lovers. As time grew taller, Dickson fell in love with Joyce. They had a birthday dinner to entertain themselves all night. Since it was late, Dickson decided to spend the night in her house. She saw this as a great advantage to seduce Dickson, but Dickson smartly went out under the pretext of going to bring his phone from his car but when his plan triumphed, he drove quickly to find a rest house nearby and rather spent his night over there whilst Joyce was overheated waiting to make love to him.

Dickson called her on phone to apologize after he managed to escape from her house but she hanged up on him. This scene left him no option than to forget about her and move on with his life. This made him record his second disappointment.

After working with Mr. Paulo Demark for two years which was a record set by Dickson, he was transferred by Mr. Demark out of love to London as a Branch Manager of the company. During his send-off party, received a lot of gifts from all his colleagues and the Shareholders of the company for the good work done.

Dickson left Germany to London and settled down to plan on how he could survive in London since he knew nobody in the catchment of his residence. He respected all manner of persons as he always did wherever he got to, whether rich or poor.

One bright morning, since he was thinking about his grandma, Aunty Nurse, it dropped into his mind to start searching for a good marriage material. He was so conscious of how to select a lady to marry when the right time was due. He went to take his bath. Since it was a weekend, he wanted to go out to refresh himself at the beach. When he picked his phone, he realized that he had missed Martina’s calls. Later, he called back to talk to Martina and the good news was that she would be visiting him together with her husband and children. He was so happy and dropped the agenda of going to the beach and went to purchase foodstuffs and items which would be needed during their visit in London for the first time. Martina, her husband together with their children began to pack their belongings for their two weeks visit to London as they informed Dickson about.

When the time of departure was due, the Ofosu family made their way to the Kotoka International Airport to get on their flight to London whilst Dickson was eagerly waiting for them at the Heathrow Airport in London to welcome them for the first time to his apartment. After eight hours, the Ofosu Family arrived at the Heathrow Airport. Dickson quickly rushed to welcome them. That moment was for shedding of tears to water the many years they had lost between themselves. Martina introduced her three daughters to Dickson and he was so happy to see them as he recalled an event back in their college days where Martina wrote down the names she would like to give to her children when she became a mother at the right moment of her life.

Laughter was all over the place. Dickson drove them to his apartment where he had some very comfortable rooms to make their stay memorable. When it was evening, they all had supper together and they had a good time talking about Dickson’s warm reception. Meanwhile, Dickson hid a secret from Martina. He resolved not to tell her he had had another relationship that had once again hit the rock in Germany. And Martina didn’t also care to know because she thought that it would be rather wise to keep to her limit, moreover she was married. Dickson was, however, thinking of what to say in case Martina asked of how his love life was faring but it never happened as he expected from Martina. Dickson bid them goodnight after a long talk to go to bed as early as possible. The next morning, Dickson quickly drove to their apartment to check on them to ensure that they were safe. He found them in a good state and after they were done with everything, he took them to one of the biggest tourist attractions in London to have a view of some historic materials used in the golden era of the Great Britain.  They also visited other places of interest which educated and entertained them. Dickson then decided to surprise them so he took them to a car garage and bought a car for them to use during their stay and whenever they came to visit him in London since London was his permanent residence because of his job and position.

Martina gratefully appreciated what Dickson had done for them during their two weeks visit. Dickson was happy to hear that Dr. Ofosu, Martina’s husband, was also comfortable with the type of expensive car he bought for them.

Dickson then returned to his residence because he was tired and busily trying to make sure his visitors were feeling comfortable in their apartment. As Dickson tried to sleep, he was imagining himself getting married to a nice lady and bringing forth children of his own but in a twinkling, he realized he was just building castles in the air. Later in the morning, he performed his daily duties thus visiting the apartment of the Ofosu family to see how they were faring. As he was entering their apartment, he heard Martina and her husband quarrelling which ended up with a slap on Martina’s face. Immediately, Dickson saw that scene he rushed to fight for his childhood friend. Dickson was so disappointed to see her husband maltreating her just because she failed to cook for her him and the children to eat in the morning. He quickly called for his arrest since it was against Martina’s rights as a woman and even a mother. But Martina cried to plead for her husband to be released but Dickson scolded her very well for tolerating the attitude of her husband. Martina told Dickson that love went where love belonged. Dickson felt the pain Martina was harbouring and issued her husband’s release from police custody.  Unfortunately, their two weeks came too soon and they needed to fly back to Ghana so Dickson met the couple to advise them about how to treat each other as a couple. Imagine Dickson giving advice to a married couple whilst the problems about his relationships were really stabbing him at his back.