Some Laundries May Not Be Dirty After All – Episode 3

The administration block was that far from my block. At the entrance stood a metal gate that had outlived its lifespan. Its body appeared totally rusted. And for the building itself, let’s just say it had “sickle cell”,not to talk of the people who occupied it. The school hardly saw the sun rise or set. 

What the Heads said was,”your school fees isn’t even enough to patch a tattered clothing”. You know what, let’s put this aside for another time because I’m already weary of what I hope to say. 

So I halted at the entrance and did what I call,”my last thinking”. But a minute spent pondering was of no use for I still could not come up with any reasonable reason as to why I was being called at the administration other than the one reason that had been hanging on mind since Akwesi Berko left. But I told myself, “No. It can’t be”.

Suddenly, something knocked me hard from the inside and I heard a voice saying, “The fact that you were there doesn’t mean you were involved in it. You know what happened and you know you’re blameless. So if that issue turns out to be why you’re wanted at the administration, then just let them know how everything happened,and how you’re affiliated to none. Hey, and take note, no tears when you’re explaining yourself.”

I hurried off quickly through the entrance heading to the Head’s office where I was told to go. You think I was all right? My brothers and sisters, I had a pound of nervousness breathing through my skin cells. And just as I got to the entrance of the Headmaster’s office, I realized that I had wet myself. 

…to be continued

•”The school hardly… rise or set”. What do you think this implies?

•Was Abena really involved in the sex tape?

•Looking at Abena’s reaction to the call, do you think there’s more to her life than just what she might seem to be?

•How come she had wet herself? – Do you think it’s because she was called, or there’s more to it?

The story continues…

– Lorraine Comfort Tekpekie Damenguah.