Some Laundries May Not Be Dirty After All – Episode 2

I walked all the way pass all six classrooms on each of the four corridors on the building. Please don’t ask me why. I don’t even know what I was thinking. But, I owe it to the heaviness that reigned in my mind. The heavy duty truck of intense confusion and anxiety weighed me down to mercy’s seat.    

To make matters worse, I bumped into Kwabena – Kwabena Loud. Yes please, that was his full name. The “most informed” student on campus. I mean what doesn’t Kwabena know of on campus. Everyone wanted to be his friend. You know, just in case a cloud drops on the ground, they’d get to see it drop live and coloured.

Well I found him annoying, because he was called Kwabena and I’m Abena. I understand you don’t understand me so let’s just say I didn’t like him. When Kwabena was almost an arm’s length out of my reach, there raged a war between myself and I.    

Apparently, there was I in need of his aid. So, all pride and prejudice away, I called out to him. Kwaa! ( how I chose to call him). He looked at me with a rather baffling look I found suspicious and quite worrisome. I asked, “please any news?”.    I Instantly felt so stupid about the question so I quickly reset my brain’s factory system and asked, “Do you by any chance know why I am wanted at the administration?

Ladies and gentlemen, to my expectation, Kwaa said yes. But, the state of his affirmation gave way to a sense of doubt within my conscience. 

…to be continued

•Why do you think Abena considered bumping into Kwabena “making matters worse”?

•Does Abena really have a reason for disliking Kwabena? – whether yes or no, what makes you think so.

•Did Kwabena really have news concerning Abena being wanted at the administration?

•Do you think he’d tell Abena what he knows? – Why?

The story continues, “Some Laundries may not be dirty after all”. 

– Lorraine Comfort Tekpekie Damenguah.