Some Laundries May Not Be Dirty After All – Episode 1

I was called to the administration. The reason, I had no idea. The only thing I had in mind was the echoeing of the voice of the school prefect, Akwesi Berko,saying, “Abena, please you’re wanted at the administration”. Of course I went blank as you are right now since you’re unaware of the outcome of this story I’m sharing with you.

Well, so many thoughts came into mind. Some were as rotten as foods from the dumpsite and for some, let’s just say they were well enough. But being called to the administration isn’t anything one can joke with in my school. I mean, I was such a quiet and shy student. What was so intriguing about the call was that, that week, the Headmaster announced that he had received some sex tapes of which some students in the school were seen in.

Honestly, even Patapeezy, the English teacher, was perplexed. He called back the headboy to ask him if he was sure I was the one he was sent to call. He replied in the positive. As I stood and headed towards the classroom door, someone yelled from behind, “I always knew you had dirty laundries in your closet”. I stood still, looked into the speaker’s direction and said a little prayer within. “God, you know me. I know you. I mean we know us. Save me!”

… to be continued

I’m Lorraine Comfort Tekpekie Damenguah. Lifestyle is the genre I’m centered on when it comes to my write-ups here.