Series: How It Ended – In Tears

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How are you faring? I believe everything is going on well for you and your family. As for me, this week is gonna be a busy one but I am very well, everything is good and I am so excited about today’s post because we’re having another one on the HowIt Endedseries.

On today’s episode of How It Ended, I will be telling you how it ended in tears for me some years back. Don’t laugh at me, please. I had just finished Primary Three and so we traveled to Lagos for the vacation (we were still living at Abeokuta then). I was enrolled in a summer coaching school just two houses away from mine and of course, I made friends there, especially one girl (I can’t remember her name so I will just call her Precious).

Precious lived down the street together with her Dad and two siblings. We used to come home together with her siblings after coaching hours everyday. My Mom did not know about my new found friendship with Precious though. One Friday, after coaching hours (in fact, summer coaching was remaining two weeks to be over or so), that was about 2pm, I jokingly said, “Let me follow you to your house” omolomo was very happy and she said yes. The funny thing is that we passed the front of my house but because of the gate, my Mom did not notice. In fact, no one was out on the street that day (it’s mostly like that in my street even till now).

We made sure we walked without making any sound unlike other days. We got to Precious’ house, her Dad was home. This nice man smiled at me and served us rice. He later said he was heading out, so he locked their apartment (I did not even carry my bag), took us to his neighbors and promised to be back soon.

We were playing games, laughing and running around, I did not care about Mommy Dee. Three hours after coaching, that was 5pm already, I was yet to be home. I’m pretty sure my Mom was already calling for help. Meanwhile, I was enjoying myself down the street.

Then it happened, I just felt one very hot lash on my back (no one even warned me). I died and came back to life that instant. Before I could say ‘Jack and Jill’, my Mom already finished me there (did I tell you my Mom is a teacher and she can flog so well? Now you know.) I cried my eyes out. I almost ran out of fluid in my body. People gathered and asked her what happened and all. Those who followed her pleaded on my behalf to leave me but she did not even mind anyone. I still wonder how she knew I was there.

I sighted Precious with my teary eyes, omolomo was just looking at me (this girl and her siblings could not even save me. I said to myself “friendship has automatically ended, e ti koba mi”). My Mom flogged me from that place to our house. We got home, she asked me to kneel down and interrogation began. I cannot even remember if I gave answers to her questions that day.

She then promised to call Mr Sanusi (He was Mom’s course mate while they were in school and he happens to be a teacher in my school. Everyone feared him and Mom knew he was my weapoint) hearing this, I started imagining what heaven looks like. I was kneeling in her room and I could hear people talking outside. In my mind, I was already thinking of how to run away from the house (What did I do? Ordinary excursion down the street, you are beating me. I will leave this house for you).

Moments later, she came in to give me paracetamol, made me promise not to ever do such again and gave me Pepsi (Pepsi better make me an ambassador. I have been faithful to the brand since, na for better for worse we sign). The next thing I knew was that my Dad was back (He wasn’t working in Lagos and I was not even expecting him. Maybe Mom was.)

I was still drinking my Pepsi and before I could even greet him, he noticed the marks on my body. My Mom explained everything to him but the truth is, I cannot remember what he said but I know he didn’t beat me (Dad is a gentleman. He won’t beat a princess). Precious brought my bag to my house the next day and that was probably the last time I saw her because I stopped going to the coaching lesson and of course, we returned to Abeokuta. It is a day I do not think I can forget (I sometimes do. Lol). It ended in premium tears and chilled Pepsi for me lol. So that’s it on today’s episode of How It Ended. I am sure you enjoyed reading.

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