September 2022 Cover Star – How Janiece Emefa Became a Fashion Icon Of Our Generation

Sometimes, it is just in the blood, and nothing could be done about it. For 20-year old Janiece Emefa, being a fashion icon is something she probably mastered without exhaustion.

Janiece has carved a niche for herslef, at least she has a unique name code; Curly Haired Unicorn, and she has for herself one of, if not the most fashionable tween in Ghana. To her, it is not jus about elegance, it is about class and influence. Yes, her class is extraordinary.

Adding to it is the community she has created for her personal brand on the internet; as one of Ghana’s most viewed YouTubers and one of the most sought after social influencers. As a digital creator, Janiece is in to leave a legacy.

Janiece recently launched MakeupPabi X Janiece, a limited edition eyelash collection to cement her mastery in an industry she already loves.

To Gen Z and the next generation, Janiece will forever be an icon to look at – and to celebrate. So to us is our September 2022 cover star.