Racie F Unveils The RF Active “BODIED SET X” Collection

Introductory Video

A few hours into the launch and I just want to say a BIG “Thank You”.

RF Active was birth from my constant struggle to gaining weight over the years. It’s been a desire of mine to always look fuller and grow into my shape. I tried everything but it just wasn’t working out and God sent a special someone to help me out!

With Consistency, Accountability, Diligence I was finally able to!

Personally made it an aim of mine to help people struggling with weight gain to constantly love how they are and work on their “Weight Gain” or “Weight Loss” from a place of love hence the aim of RF Active “Promoting Self-Love Through Body Embracement”.

Nothing is impossible once you set your mind to it! And I can bear witness to that! Always feel free to text @rfactive_ for any and all things fitness related.