Quitting Social Media Is Hard. And Unnecessary. Do This Instead

There’s no doubt that social media is toxic and negative at times. And in addition to that, it’s also responsible for cases of time loss. It’s obvious why you might want to quit or even take some time off. However, as the title of this article says there’s no need to quit entirely.

Social Media can also be a force for good. Here are some things that you can do to turn your social media apps into tools for personal growth.

Curate Your Feed

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If you’re on Facebook or Twitter then you understand that the internet is home to a lot of garbage and negativity. There’s nothing wrong with unfollowing or blocking accounts that have takes you don’t agree with. Instead of getting into heated debates that you don’t want to, follow who you actually want to see content from block anyone who’s aggressive towards to you.

Find A Professional Community

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Another thing that you’ve head people say is that social media is a tool for professional growth. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re just going to be handed your next job on social media. It means that you have the opportunity to make connections with people who are relevant in your field. You can learn from their experiences in order to grow yourself.

Build A Brand

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There are numerous reasons to want to build a brand on social media. There’s the connections that you’ll make, the opportunities that will come your way and the fact that it’s something that you can put on your portfolio. A surefire way to increase the number of followers that you have is share content that adds value to whoever sees it. Life hack? Share it. How you got that sweet new job? Share it. Even your latest smoothie experiment, share it.

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