Phronesis Cements His Place In Reggae/Dancehall on Evergreen EP

David Nana Amporful going by the stage name, Phronesis, has finally released his debut project titled Evergreen. The EP is a 7-track project and each song is relatable to any young person.

For me, what stands out on the project is Phronesis’ voice and lyricism. The KNUST student had everything right with his first-ever project… 24 minutes of pure bliss and amazing music.

Phronesis image via Instagram

In a conversation with the artiste, he explained that most of the songs were inspired from conversations with his peers. Young people talking about life, relationships and their dreams…all of which he found very relatable and realized was a running theme amongst all of them.

The first song, titled after the project, Evergreen is a soft melodious tune where Phronesis practically introduces himself to listeners.

He brags about his prowess when it comes to making music and talks about his dreams of making it and going global. He brings this palpable confidence back on the last track, “Nobody Dey Like Me.”

Blessings‘ which features Kwé is one of my favourites off the project. He released it as a single off the EP with a video and it’s one of the most fluid songs I have heard.

Phronesis masterfully weaves through the patois language and practically pours his yearnings into the song.

Cover art for Phronesis’ Evergreen

Bebia is another song that was an instant fave. It’s an Afro dancehall tune that just exudes good vibes.

The upbeat song is probably the only one, on it that will get you dancing and Phronesis, in a quick conversation, revealed this song came about when the producer Psyko suggested he make an upbeat track to balance out the deep conscious message that was consistent in the whole project.

The result is an amazing danceable tune that could easily become a major hit off the project.

Right after Bebia is Killi Killi, an equally upbeat jam where Phronesis goes soft and talks matters of the heart.

On Lele (Big Money) he says “You want to know my name, show me the game, I want to play some.”

Evergreen comes off as the right kind of introduction to Phronesis as an artiste. A young talented and confident artiste, eager and positive about leaving his mark in the industry.

Tracklist via Premier Space

Evergreen would have been a 10/10 if not for the song Ghetto. It was the one and only song I wasn’t feeling.

There was a rawness to it that made the song feel incomplete but that should not stop you from keeping this body of work on repeat. It’s worth it.

My Top 3, Blessings, Bebia, and Evergreen.

Production credit for songs on the project goes Kuvie, Imike, Psyko, and Webzy. Suzz Blaqq offered backing vocals on Evergreen, St. Beryl on Ghetto and Loyce sings on Bebia.

Get the project on all platforms here: Evergreen EP

And listen to Blessings here:

Credit: Kuulpeeps