Our Editors’ Top Five Urban Clothing Brands

Teens love fashion, and that goes to say all of us. With recent trends growing real fast, it is highly coming up to be a pacesetter in what society and the young community desires. Fashion editors of High School Magazine considers these to be the top urban lines of 2021.

Fear No Man

The ”Fear No Man” Line is one of the composites of Kulaperry Clothing. Kulaperry Clothing is comprised of three lines, which are; ”Fear No Man,” ”Royalty” and ”Loyalty”. Since its release, news of the clothing line has gone viral as many wonder about it. The ”Fear No Man” clothing line Logo portrays a white human face with a red strip across the eyes of the face. There is definitely some level of mystery to this very interesting logo design.

The young entrepreneur explains that, the ”Fear No Man” logo represents the African heritage. The color white was chosen for the face because it stands for cleanliness and purity. The red color for the strip represents the hustle, toil and struggle of Africans endured in achieving their dreams. In deeper context, the position of the red strip across the white face depicts the act of meditation and prayer when one has to actually close their eyes and focus on God. The entirety of the logo seeks to highlight on the practice of seeing and speaking no evil. ”Fear No Man” is a line that stands as a symbol for people who fear nobody except God.


When we talk about Versus Mine.

VSMINE is the moment you truly realise you are in competition with nobody but yourself.

VSMINE started as a conversation with the belief that all good things take time.With an aim to simplify sophistication, each touch-point, from production to packaging, has been carefully considered.

Threaded Tribes

Threaded Tribes is a Ghanaian owned sustainable luxury fashion company that emboldens the carefree & unique nature of distinct members of society. We are all about reinforcing and encouraging the freedom to be oneself through comfort and style, while connecting people into a tribe – a community that shares similar traits and tastes in threads and ideas.

Our parents, grandparents and ancestors were & are no strangers to luxury; investing in and wearing locally produced rich fabrics, often handwoven into casual everyday wear while saving the even richer and pricier ones for special occasions. We are grateful and proud to be able to continue this tradition by producing a wide variety of sustainable clothing & collectibles with our own special twists!

All our garments are produced in Accra, Ghana using (currently): Bògòlanfini from Mali & Burkina Faso. Indigo, Baulé & Korhogo from Côte d’Ivoire. Fugu & Kente from Ghana. Leather & Wooden Buttons from Ghana. Our aim is to source and use even more materials from across Africa in our creations, promoting the wealth and beauty the continent has to offer.

Number 1 Fan

They are in business to motivate everyone especially the youth. That no matter your background and circumstances, you can be Number1 in anything you do and put your mind to. They stand for everything Positive. Stay Number1. 


Started by Augustus ‘Tagor’ Quartey Tagor, his love for fashion was developed at an early age. In describing his introduction to fashion and merchandising, and the inspiration behind Exklamation, Tagor says:

“When I was growing up, we didn’t have TVs. We did however have a lot of storybooks, magazines, and atlases. My mom used to travel, so we had publications like SourceVibe, and Essence Magazine, and up-to-date storybooks from countries like the UK and America. She did her best to make sure we were well-rounded, so we could speak well with varying demographics. When I read Source Magazine, I noticed that after every 3 or 4 pages there were advertisements, like Sean John or Mecca. That used to inspire me.”

“I ended up reading more about branding and understanding the importance of it. I applied all of this to Exklamation, which I began planning in December 2016, and launched as a thrift store in March 2018. I am now transitioning to a clothing brand. I have a lot of sketch artists, graphic designers, etc who work with me and who are the backbone of Exklamation.”