Next Standout Journal To Be Published On December 18

ACCRA, Ghana High School Magazine is announcing today that the December issue of Standout Journal will be released on December 18 and will distribute digitally across its website and it’s blog on Issuu.

The journal will focus on vlogging & photography and feature teen experts such as Fige Deegbe and Mahalia Akatugba. It will be targeted at teenagers living in Ghana and Africa.

High School Magazine is changing the way we look at teens. So many avenues are available to young people, especially with regards to Art and it is our desire to lift that veil covering it. One means is through the Standout Journal and the December issue is a special one “

– Michael Ampofo, Creative Director

The issue includes 24 pages of broad-based content, from photography and vlogging to style and beauty.

This is the first time a Standout Journal will feature more photography content than text, and we are true to label it as an ‘Explore Edition’.

Media Contacts:

Lorraine Comfort Damenguah, High School Magazine | 0557110799

King George Asante, High School Magazine | 0551079840