Let’s Talk Routines

Heyya Boss Teens, let’s gather here real quick, shall we? Today, let’s talk about morning routines. Are you in the habit of going straight for your phone and checking social media the moment you wake up in the morning?. Well, following a great morning routine just might be the perfect alternative for you.

And the great part? waking up to a ready routine sets up an organized structure for your day. That way, you don’t have to go through the stress of deciding what activities to perform.

If you’re still not all that sure you need a morning routine, then I hope this next sentence might win you over: Experts say that following a well-crafted morning routine that is suited for your needs automatically sets a great foundation for your day and does wonderful things for your mental health too! Automatically, your day’s productivity and creativity skyrocket.

Sounds great right? I mean, dope creativity is our Hallmark!

If you want to structure a great morning routine for yourself but don’t know how to start, then we’ve got you covered. Here’s a great guide for you.

Photo credit: hollymariehaynes.com

Let’s be real here, a routine that works for someone else wouldn’t work for you because we all have our unique personalities and needs. so you don’t necessarily have to follow the guide to the T. Alternate it to suit your lifestyle.

Also, a routine is supposed to relieve your stress, not increase it. So you don’t want to perform a million activities as part of your morning routine. Trust me, you’ll get the opposite results.

So babes, let’s keep our morning routines minimal but effective to reap the benefits of the healthy lifestyle and creativity we desire!

By: Joyce Yetsa Amable, Lifestyle Editor