Let’s Talk Podcasts

Heyya teen bosses, let’s gather here real quick shall we?. Podcasts have become a fast-rising movement in many parts of the world. Whether an individual intends to host or listen, the fact remains that the basic purpose is to educate. As teenagers, we spend an insane amount of our time within a day listening to music using our headphones, earpieces, and the like. While music will always have a place in our hearts, maybe it’s now time to open our hearts to other ventures. Back to podcasts. There are lots of podcasts out there tailored for the boss teen like you. Teenage issues like creativity, body issues, insecurity, first crush, how to deal with friends in a group, and a lot more are discussed on episodes of most podcast sessions.  These relatable episodes equip you with how to address your issues. And guess what? Facing your problems frees your mind to explore your creativity.  And creativity my friends is our ultimate goal!

Listening to podcasts doesn’t have to be stressful; you can listen while you are doing basic house chores, walking somewhere alone, or even when you just want to unwind. Here are two great podcast recommendations for your bosses to start. These podcasts are so good it would be a crime not to share!

This Teenage Life Podcast: This is a Western podcast made by teenagers about their ideas, stories, and unique perspective in the middle of their growth as humans.

All Things Teen Podcast: On this podcast, life-changing lessons that help teens navigate through adolescence and beyond are discussed. The mission is to help teens optimize their youth, realize their potential, and live a transformed life.

If going on a podcast journey sounds great to you, then look no further. Spotify is a great place to start!

By: Joyce Yetsa Amable, Lifestyle Editor