Let’s Talk Breakfast

Heyya boss teens, let’s gather here real quick shall we? Breakfast, they say,is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day. Yes, you’ve probably heard this a thousand times, but it can’t be stressed enough. After you wake up each morning with a gazillion plans and ideas,you need breakfast to fuel your body for the day. Now, we’re not talking about just any breakfast here, there is a huge emphasis on healthy breakfast. Eating a lot of doughnuts and washing it down with sobolo is not breakfast guys. Come on, don’t scoff, you and I both know that’s not right. When it comes to breakfast, you want to devote yourself to preparing a nutritious meal for yourself.  There are loads of  healthy and nutritious breakfast ideas out there. Here are some quick ones you can try on your own

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Oats is one of the healthy, nutritious and quick recipes you can make for breakfast. To prepare this,all you need is some oats, water, sugar to taste, a bit of salt and some fruits to make it look pleasing. You cannot go wrong with topping your bowl of oat porridge with your favourite fruit! Some milk to taste also gives a whole vibe.

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Hausa Koko is also an all time favorite breakfast meal, you just cannot go wrong with this! Made with millet and some local spices, this meal offers loads of nutritional value. And yes, it can also be paired with koose, bread or groundnut to make it more filling.

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Let’s throwback to the good ol days when mothers prepared healthy bowls of rice porridge for us before we headed to school. We cannot make a list of healthy breakfast ideas without including rice porridge. However, taking this porridge alone is not advisable, it needs to be accompanied by roasted groundnuts or milk in order to obtain that healthy benefit we seek. So go ahead and try this out.

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Tombrowm is without argument one of Ghana’s most nutritious foods. And having this for breakfast is just super. Made from maize, groundnut, Guinea corn, sorghum and cloves, this meal option provides your body with amazing nutritional value. You can serve with some milk to make it bougie. 

For those who like to go all out for breakfast, Waakye is the boss babe. This is one of Ghana’s finest meals. A lot of people like Waakye because as the popular tik tok sound goes, “cause why not?” So yes, go ahead and have this for breakfast without remorse.

By: Joyce Yetsa Amable

Lifestyle Editor