Lena Dances – April 2021 Cover Story

I was born in Ivory Coast. I’m a food lover and also I love to make others happy even if I’m not. I feel like that’ll help me get better.

I get so much excited from the joy you give to people when dancing.

I am dynamic and unique. I love to mix different genres of dance such as dancehall, Afro pop and Amapiano to make my piece unique.

DWP Academy helped me to discover my true self and also my capabilities.

As Maya Angelou said “there’s no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”. Therefore, You’ve got to embrace your passion and charisma and show the world what makes you. There’ll be difficulties, yes! But that’s life and it’ll just make you a better person or leader if and only if you don’t give up! Always remember that nothing on this earth will work unless you do, so it’s your turn to shine!

Read the Standout Journal – April 2021 Issue here: https://hsm.hssgh.com/standout-journal-april-2021-issue/