Jay Ribas Is The Perfect Inspiration For Every Teen Digital Creator

Juan Carlos Ribas De Ribas usually known as Jay Ribas is a German-based Visual Artist and Photographer by request. He is Ghanaian, French and Spanish. Living the greater part of his life in Ghana he dabbled in photography and videography as a hobby, with no formal training in the field

Amassing a fan base in thousands worldwide, Juan Carlos’ brand and social media platforms grew, new and exciting opportunities began to unfold, and he quickly realized his hobby had become his livelihood. He dropped out of high school at age 17 and pursued his passion

Juan Carlos’ lust for creating propels his perspective and represents something much bigger as he continues to seek the extraordinary in the ordinary at the age of 19

His advice to young creators out there is to not give up and keep practicing, accept failures and do not let that define you, let it make you a better person.


Credit: Afroteen Magazine