Is Augmented Reality(AR) The Future?

If you have seen many futuristic science fiction movies, you probably have an idea of what some of the goals are for the AR industry. AR can be implemented in almost any industry, and it’s being done right now! With each step forward in the digital revolution, “The Matrix” becomes less like fiction and more like reality. That’s in part because hardware engineers and software developers continue to refine their augmented reality technologies, making the line between real and virtual life ever blurrer. Augmented Reality (AR), it seems, may soon be the true reality for us very soon.

Augmented reality is the blending of interactive digital elements – like dazzling visual overlays, buzzy haptic feedback, or other sensory projections – into our real-world environments. Google Sky Map is one of the augmented reality app. It overlays information about constellations, planets and more as you point the camera of your smartphone or tablet toward the heavens. Wikitude is an app that looks up information about a landmark or object by your simply pointing at it using your smartphone’s camera. Need help visualizing new furniture in your living room? The IKEA Place app will provide an overlay of a new couch for that space before you buy it so that you can make sure it fits

But AR is more than just smartphone fun. It’s a technology that finds uses in more serious matters, from business to warfare to medicine.

The possibilities of AR tech are limitless. The only uncertainty is how smoothly, and quickly, developers will integrate these capabilities into devices that we’ll use on a daily basis.

Health care professionals may soon rely on smartphone-enabled AR. A company called Tissue Analytics is honing an app that helps doctors and nurses use their phones to quickly identify specific types of wounds for faster diagnosis and more efficient care

Similarly, a company called Total Immersion makes a wide variety of applications for business and fun. Want to know what those new glasses frames will look like perched on your face before you buy them online? Use the app to slide those frames onto your virtual face and you’ll instantly know that horned rims really are not your style.

Many innovative projects have shown to the world that augmented reality has a very good commercial value and future potential. Large-scale businesses are witnessing the growth of augmented reality and they have planned on developing their upcoming projects using AR.

Experts claim that by 2025 the AR/VR industry will be worth over $25 Billion and steadily rising. So if you want to invest in something that won’t go from $19,000 to $6000 in 5 months; investing in AR/VR might be a good call!

Augmented Reality has applications on almost every field; from healthcare to real estate there is room to implement AR. It can be used with patients to display their anatomy, or doctors can use it to have guides during surgeries that require immense accuracy.

Although AR is in its teen yearsit is developing very fast. With more and more people working on it, and manybillion-dollarcompanies such as Facebook investing in it; it is very possible that in our lifetimes this industry will be a multi-billion-dollar industry. With the development of things such as smart-glasses, AR is most certainly going to be the next big thing.

The future is bright with these new technologies in place

Well wait and see what the world has in stock …

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