“I Wanted To Offer Law But I Didn’t Get That Chance” – The Jessica Tiwah Story

My name is Safo Jessica Tiwah. I’m 18 years old and a Level 100 student of the University of Ghana offering Political Science and Geography. I personally didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth so let me say basically my parents bought me what they could afford. My dad travelled one day without telling us and left the whole family stranded. I was in an international school by then but because he traveled and no one knew his whereabouts there was no money. I had to move to a new school.

Things were quite tough during that time and what’s worse we lost almost everything. My mum lost her job and my sister who was in high school by then became very ill. No one was there to support us so I had to quit school for sometime and sell sweets and other stuff to cater for the family. Fortunately for me I had friends that were living the good life so they helped me financially by paying my fees and all that until I secured myself a scholarship aside that I was still working.

I wrote my BECE in 2017 passed and gained admission to Yilo Krobo High School. Not to forget I was the girl’s prefect in junior high and was an active participant in sports. I didn’t let anything bring me down and I strived hard through my God-given talents and joined the debate club and the media club because I was outspoken. It really did me good because it groomed me to become who I am today.

I wanted to offer law but I didn’t get that chance. That hasn’t stopped me from achieving what I want.

Right now I am the deputy chief whip at the Political Science parliament house in the University of Ghana. I aspire to be a prominent politician, a lawyer and a role model to others in the near future. Don’t let anything stop you from achieving what you want. You can make it possible with God and yourself.