“I Love My Skin And I Would Never Change Anything About It” – Tumi Lungile

I am Itumeleng Lungile Rumbu, I live in Johannesburg(Gauteng) and I’m currently studying at Brakpan High School,doing my grade 11 and I’m 16 years old,turning 17 on the 20th of September.  

Let’s talk about my skin condition. There were challenges that I faced in life,my life was like a nightmare. Growing up with vitiligo was hard for me back then,I knew that it was the end of me. People were so mean,throwing remarks and making fun of me. They were just negative and that brought ‘low self-esteem’.

I remember the time when I was at school(Primary school) people would tease me,every time when I tried to be the person that I am,regardless of what I was. So that’s where I realized that I’m not worth it.

What made me realise that I’m actually worth it was that I started telling myself that “life is too short to live with people’s opinion”. I started doing my own research about: boosting my confidence,my self-esteem and self love. Then I met new people  (my friends) and high school mates,they really showed me love,the reason of being myself and that’s actually where I told myself that I’m really worth it and I really don’t care about what people think of me or say about me. That’s where I started embracing myself,I love my skin and I would never change anything about it.

If you feel like you’re not worth it because people make you feel like that,then you really don’t know yourself. Life has many beautiful things and yet you let people steal that from you. Your self-worth is determined by you,you don’t have to depend on someone telling you who you are.

I am Tumilungile and I’m wORTH IT!

Credit: royalvoguestore.portmoni.com