How Lerai Rakodistsoe Is Using Her Influence To Drive Impact And Positive Change


Lerai is passionate about the African Youth and it’s culture. 

She considers herself a Global Citizen where technology allows us to exist in a digital community and uses her platforms to connect and collaborate in order to drive change and impact.

Lerai is the co-owner of African Talent Unearthed (ATU), a creative arts company that seeks to facilitate the convergence of authentic African talent with global opportunity by providing access to the global stage as well as equipping them with entrepreneurial skills.

ATU does not view talent merely as a source of entertainment but rather capitalises on its capacity to act as a vehicle for self-development, nation-building, and the facilitation of social cohesion right from the ground up.

Since its inception in 2016, ATU has taken more than 15 students to The World Championships of Performing Arts in Long Beach California, USA.

These students won multiple medals, and some were even awarded scholarships to institutions like New York Film Academy, New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles.

ATU also manages Lerai as a brand and expanding her offerings across different platforms and client base.

Lerai aspires to be a strong female voice in Africa who addresses issues amongst the youth, as well as working towards the empowerment of women.

She is currently an Executive of Girl Up Johannesburg, a club under the global Girl Up leadership development organization that is hosted at the United Nations Foundation. Girl Up engages, trains, and mobilizes girls around the world to take action to achieve global gender equality.

Through her involvement in Girl Up Johannesburg, Lerai became involved in the 1000 Girls Campaign, a collaborative project between #BoysForAction, Girl Up Johannesburg and The Unfiltered Youth.