How Khaby Lame Is Climbing The Social Media Ladder In a Life-Hack Way

Khabane Lame aka Khaby Lame, an Italian TikToker who has become the face of the Internet in the past few days is here to solve all your life problems. We mean it. Khaby, who started out on TikTok by reacting to ironic life-hack videos, has cemented his place pretty much on all social media platforms with his straight-face comedy (read: solutions) to the never-ending “problems” faced by folks from across the world. If that name or description still doesn’t ring the bell for you, here you go:

I am here to solve all your problem ‍♂️— Khaby Lame (@1khabyofficial) May 5, 2021

Now you know.

His short sketches and reaction videos have made such waves on the Internet that a fan account of his antics on Twitter has garnered close to 300K followers since 2021 kicked in. “I am here to solve all your problem,” a caption on one of the tweets by the fan account perfectly sums up Khaby’s content for the “struggling” world.

A look at his verified Instagram account shows the chaos deliberately brought upon by people of the Internet and Khaby Lame coming to the rescue by simplifying the tasks with ease and no emotions exhibited whatsoever.

Unlike his name, nothing is lame about Khaby’s deadpan comedy and his “unimpressed” face has found a new audience in photoshopped memes.

The 21-year-old content creator currently enjoys 45+ million followers on TikTok while his Instagram army is 10m strong.

So next time you face a “problem,” you know where on the Internet you’d find the solution.

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