Hey 2021?


I think I should have a permanent name to call you. I keep running out of names every time (I’m open to suggestions though). I need to thank you, dear reader. I am honored that you chose to spend time to read my words. I really do hope something here on the blog resonates with you. Happy new year by the way. I thank God for bringing us here safely, I am wishing you everything good and more. I missed writing to you and that is why I am writing earlier than planned.

In my ending post for last year, I said I am not the one to make new year resolutions but if you are, I hope you make good choices, go easy and take it one step at a time. I have never made resolutions because I just live life as it comes, but I am not against making any though. By the way, I will be taking features this year. If you have anything thing you want me to share here, please contact me. Check contact.

Talking about myself, 2020 robbed me of my true self but I am glad I found me again in the last days of the year. While in high school, my teacher once wrote in my report card and I quote, “She maintains a good relationship with her mates. She is an extrovert.” Truth be told, that was the first time I saw or heard the word ‘extrovert’, so I did not  understand what she meant until I got home and I checked up the for the meaning and I felt that was not so me.

Although, I seem to be an extrovert but I have very few friends who I do not even keep up with as I ought to, I cherish my own space and do all sorts of things but it is rarely noticable. The most important thing is that, I found myself. Coincidentally, I found a book that I could relate to almost every page – Jenn Granneman’s The Secret Lives of Introverts. I am really glad I read this book. You should probably check it out too.

I am sharing this with you because, I want you to rediscover yourself. You might have lost you a long time ago but it is crucial that you discover the real you. It does not stop at who your type of person is, it also includes what you can do and how you can do it.

I am wishing you a 2021 of self discovery, hitch free and worthy living. You can subscribe to this blog via email or the WordPress app. Like, share and comment on my blog posts. Do not hesitate to chip in your suggestions, I would love to hear them. Take care!

With love and light,