Free The Youth Ghana opens first flagship store in Accra

Over the past few years, a quiet streetwear revolution has been brewing in Accra, Ghana. Home to notable names such as Free The Youth Ghana and more, the fashion and lifestyle brand is part of a growing number of West African labels shaping the face of youth culture on the continent.

After years of furthering their mission of making streetwear available on the continent and their notable collaborations with names in the fashion world such as Off-White, Daily Paper and more, Free The Youth is now embarking on its biggest mission yet: the opening of their flagship store in Accra.

Founded in 2013 by Jonathan Coffie, Kelly Foli, Shace Winfred Mensah, and Ormano, Free the Youth has grown to include a number of key players from around the Ghanaian alternative scene, among them event producer Prince Brefo, production lead Gilbert Quansah, photographer Philip N. Boakye, Design Advisor Mecha Clarke, and NGO managers Asia Clarke and Sunshine Duncan.

Out of a shared passion for fashion, the FTY community crafts a African fashion manuscript that encourages liberalism while drawing inspiration from real-time issues such as the” 1000 injured” tee paying homage to victims of the Accra Sport Stadium disaster of 2001.

On the 21st, Free The Youth officially opened the doors to their flagship store in Ghana. According to the FTY Instagram page, the store is located on Liberation Road in Accra and opened its doors to welcome guests and shoppers on the 21st of May from 1pm till late.

Credit: Native Mag