– Collins Agbettor

I thought they were meant for us
To go and protect us
I thought safety is what they will have us
I thought when we lay beneath our sheets, shivering and vibrating of fear they will come in and save us
I thought they will be our light in the darkness

But no, they brought more darkness to our light ,
They turn into the wind that blow the candle out,
They didn’t safeguard us
They poured out more petrol in the fire which is burning us

SARS gave us scars
They made us no saves
They can’t save you but put an end to you
That your helper can be your destruction,
We need to to stand firm on our grounds to put an end to them now before they finish us

The fight belongs to you,
Belongs to me, belongs to us
It’s now or never
Stop SARS now!