Chukwu The Painter And His Breathing Art

“I paint to mainly minister, inspire and add a surprising and twisting trend to events in Ghana and all around the world especially in the industry as a whole”-Chukwu

So says the amazing rising young star. Real name Isaac Chukwuakasiemobi Udeh and brand name ChukwuThePainter, he is tremendously swimming fast in the pool of the Arts industry, with his God giving talent of painting which has gotten his works gradually sweep fast across some parts of Ghana.

Interestingly, unlike most painters who start their works from top to down, he paints upside down, in a puzzle form and many more and also involves movements and installation art which involves the use of human beings and things around the environment all with the use of paint.

Reverse painting is a tricky business. Its like solving a puzzle. Also like a maze,you need to weave your way from bottom to the top. Its a tedious technique for an artist to perfect. Chukwu does it perfectly.

An incredible mark of his talent is how he paints in a very short wink of time to a live audience. He has been tagged by a BBC documentary as the fastest painter alive. He does his paintings in an astonishing 100secsHe painted the Minister of Education NAPO in under 5min 30 seconds and upside down.

The creation of the iconic black and white portrait of the Mamba and Mambacita was captured on a time-lapse video which had now found its way onto the international media scene.

ABC News, one of the major news networks in the United States featured Chukwu on their platform and also shared the video on Twitter.