Everything you want to know about High School Magazine!

The African teen’s guide to writing, art & creativity! As the voice of the next generation of teen creatives; artists, painters, models, actresses, comedians, creative writers, photographers, cinematographers, spoken word artists, and a whole lot of categories we are even yet to discover, HSM’s driven content takes teens and young people and place them before other teens and say; YOU TOO CAN BE LIKE THIS.

Creativity is life. It is passion, and all have it within. The spark just need a switch to ignite it. Serving a generation of fact-finders, creative, curious and fast learners, we continue to pioneer in content creation for the African teenager.

How can I contact High School Magazine?

We love hearing from you! Please share your thoughts, ideas, and feelings with us. And don’t forget to tell us what you think of the magazine!

For general questions or comments on the magazine: editorial@hssgh.com

Want to send us a mail? Write to:
The Editor
High School Magazine
Accra – Ghana

For subscription problems: editorial@hssgh.com

Who can I contact if I am having a problem with my subscription?

The fastest and easiest way to resolve your issue is to go to editorial@hssgh.com

How can I get an internship at High School Magazine?

Portals are opened as and when interns, volunteers, guest writers and contributors are needed. Although an internship of volunteering portal may not be opened, you can always submit an entry to our desk at any time of the year.