7 Low Budget Ways to Enjoy The Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, as the song goes. And, as celebrations get underway, it’s worth considering that the holiday season is a popular time for teens to go all out with their spending. Currently, the average person is ready to fork a lot of money on spending. That’s not factoring in entertainment, food, or travel costs, nor the current soaring inflation rate which means your money don’t go as far as they used to.

But of course, you want to have a festive season, filled with good cheer, fun times, and memory making. To help you do just that without blowing your budget and starting the New Year in debt, try these ideas to help you celebrate the holidays affordably.

1. Create a Holiday Budget

Speaking of money, before you start buying gifts or a holiday roast, make a budget for gifts, decorations, and experiences this holiday season. You’ll be able to prioritize your spending in advance and identify where you can make cuts.

2. Head to the Discount Store

Here’s a secret to not paying full price: Go where the discounts are. The discount store is full of cheap holiday decorations as well as goodies you can put into gift bags or stuff into stockings. You can find low-cost ornaments, lights, balloons, and more to make your home more festive for the season. Also check out shops which are offering discounts on their items and see whether they meet your budget.

3. Check Out Your Town’s Calendar

There are likely lots of free and/or cheap events you can partake in during the holidays. You probably cannot afford to attend the shows or events where they pay money you did not budget for. Then, check the social media thread and see which free/moderate show is available in your hood to attend. You could arrange with your friends to go in groups, so you get discounts as well.

4. Hold a Zoom Party

If you can’t be with your friends and family members in person on the holidays, then host a Zoom party. Everyone can pour themselves a glass of something and catch up, without spending anything on travel. This is new and can be a fun thing to do especially for those of us who leave miles away from friends and family.

5. Host a Game Night

Have some board games in your closet? Or maybe you have access to online games? Invite over your loved ones and host a game night. Buy some cheap snacks like popcorn, chips, and pretzels, and pair them with soda and bring-your-own beer to stay on budget. Each friend can bring in something to make it more lively.

6. Go to Local Religious Celebrations

Many times, churches, synagogues, and other houses of worship will host holiday celebrations for free or a donation you can afford. Whether you’re attending formal services or a special holiday event, you’ll be sure to meet people from your community and make new friends.

7. Host a New Year’s Party

If you don’t want to spend hundreds of monies going on vacation or going to events, then crowdsource a party at home. You can invite over a few friends and have a potluck or order in some pizzas and have everyone split the costs. Turn on the TV and watch the ball drop or bust out the holiday playlist and have a dance party.


The holidays can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. Focus on spending time with friends and family, investing in your community, and exploring your DIY side to get the most out of the season while spending the least.