7 Facts About Franklin Gyan Jr. — The Photographer Who Inspires You

  • Imagine how heartbreaking it will be when people who you regard as a family come tearing you apart with hurtful words that seemingly made you feel “useless” just because of a career you chose to follow to the latter. But amidst all of this, he has risen above mediocrity and what society says to blaze the trail in the photography space.
  • Although his face might not be out there, his breathtaking works speak for itself. Throughout the country, his work with MTN, Nestle, Samsung, Afrochella, Wilmar as well as Star Beer, FranIce, Orijin, Accra Mall, and others sits comfortably on Billboards throughout the country.
  • Today, Franklin Gyan JR. continues to shine a bright light on the many young creatives who look up to him as a beacon of hope for excellence.He had his primary school education at St Theresa’s school, then moved to Mfantsipim School where he had his senior high school education; studied visual arts. From there he moved to Accra International School of Advertising and Design where he studied Graphic Design. He applied to pursue Communication Design at KNUST but was initially refused despite qualifying academically. He later managed to divert from his given course to pursue a degree program in Communication Design for four years.
  • Initially, what he wanted to do was architecture, because he loved interior designing but unfortunately, he don’t know where it passed, it just vanished.
  • Although his mother supported his ‘new found love’ in photography, his father was a bit skeptical. He relates: “ I once remember an uncle of mine rubbished everything telling me I am wasting my time with art and design. He really made me feel useless and that is why I am trying to improve upon my work to prove a point to him. He has apologized for a couple of times and regretted his action.”
  • At Mfanstipim School, he was an overall best student in ceramics.
  • He dream is to work for an airline company as in shoot for them. “I’d want to work for KLM or Emirates, I’ll be very happy to work for a brand like that. I want to work with Nike one day or any Hollywood celebrity where the whole movie cast will be shot by me. I’d be glad to work for any reputable multinational company outside Ghana, for my work to transcend to all parts of the world.”, he narrates.
  • His benchmark is Eric Almas who is a commercial photographer based outside.
  • Interesting enough, he approaches business and pitch to them. He says, “I send DMs a lot. I do this because I have this advertising approach to things, I see business and I can tell what they’d need and how it will help them. So I move to them and I tell them, I’m Franklin and this is what I do, I can do this and this for your business, we schedule a meeting if you’re interested in what I have, I can tell you more about what I can do for your brand with my services. Secondly, I think social media. People see my work on social media, link up and that’s it.”

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