5 Incredible Fashion Hacks Everyone Should Know

At one point or another, we have experienced fashion emergencies either right before we wave home and go wherever or when we are out and within a short time, we are to think of ways to fix the situation. Also, there have been times where you bought clothes which didn’t fit or look right. Not to worry because we’ve got all the hacks here.

1. Deodorant Skidmarks

Image of a lady cleaning deodorant Skidmarks Via brostoncollege.blogspot.com

These white Skidmarks appear on your clothes after your they touch the deodorant spray in your armpit. Sometimes they can be really hard to remove and using a wet towel or sponge will just make your outfit wet and weird. Solution? Use a dry sponge to clean that part. They work like magic.

2. Buttoning tight pants

Use a hair elastic that closely matches the color of your pants and loop it around your button.

Image via homestoriesatoz.com

Thread the hair elastic through the buttonhole.

Image via homestoriesatoz.com

Loop the elastic back over the button and secure. This will ensure that your pants stay closed but will give you the extra inch you might need when pregnant/bloated/between sizes. (Source: homestoriesatoz.com)

image via homestoriesatoz.com

3. Tighten your shades

If the arms on your sunglasses are loose and you don’t have a screwdriver to hand, dab nail polish on the hinge to tighten it for the meantime. 

4. Bracelet clasp

Image via homestoriesatoz.com

You don’t need to call for reinforcements anymore when wearing your bracelets because we know how frustrating it can be. All you need is a large paperclip. Simply bend the paperclip open and secure one end to your bracelet. Grip the paper clip with one hand and secure the clasp with the other. 

5. Ironing

If you don’t have an iron with you but you have a hair straightener, it can still do the same job. The same way if you need to straighten your wig and you don’t have a straightener around but you have your iron, you can use it for the straightening purpose.