4 Habits That Damage Your Brain

The brain is a very sensitive organ and any damage done to it has very serious permanent damage which can leave you in a vegetable state.

Here are 4 common habits that damage the brain.

Poor sleep

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Sleep is one of the most essential gifts from nature. Our brain repairs itself as we sleep. Lack of quality sleep deprives the brain of this process hence leaving the brain prone to damage over time.

Nicotine consumption

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The cerebral cortex of the brain thins out as we age- the part of the brain responsible for important thought processes such as memory, language and perception occur. And smoking catalyzes this process. While quitting smoking might help repair of the cortex, it’s slow and may be incomplete. Bottom line smoking or vaping is a no-no for your brain.


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This is common knowledge but fewer people practice the habit of staying hydrated. Water makes up 2/3 of the human body hence it plays a crucial role in the bodily functions. Dehydration can take a toll on your brain by affecting your mood and overall brain function, example migraines- without enough water the brain shrinks in volume leading to a dehydration headache.

Lack of mental stimulation and exercise

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Studies show that mental declination is not due to ageing. The more active your brain is the more active your memory. So read, be socially active constantly challenge yourself into doing something new every day

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