2021 Rising Models – Check Out All The Stars

This year’s rising models are the smartest, boldest, and go-getters making their way into the fashion and modeling world at high speed. They do not relent, they do not pause. From fashion through photo to editorial, these are the daring teens deserving all the attention in the years to come!

Methodology used in deciding ranged from media presence through brand support to making their voices heard. Effort was also made to stick strictly to teenagers this year. In a year in which a first rising list is made, our editors sought to find the strongest list representing our modeling community.


Words: Alice Madison, Cassandra Blay
Art Director: Dunia Arthur
Photographer: Kwabena Origi, Archi Pixels, Cowboy Photography Retouching: Dennis Glover
Director: Ama Nyarko Urid